Weather Master

IYT Weather Master Course

This is a one day Meteorology course for those looking for a comprehensive understanding of the factors involved in world weather and meteorology routing for a long distance or ocean passage.

It includes in depth information on weather, air masses, frontal systems, atmospheric pressure etc.




Duration : 1 Days

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    Course Details

    • Causes of wind
    • Air masses
    • Atmospheric pressure
    • Air circulation
    • Coriolis Effect
    • Polar fronts
    • Depressions
    • Anti-cyclones
    • Warm fronts
    • Cold fronts
    • Ridges, troughs, squalls
    • Effect of jet stream
    • High pressure/ low pressure systems
    • Frontal depressions
    • Cloud types
    • Buy Ballots law
    • Sea /land breezes
    • Types of fog
    • Thunder and lightning
    • The Beaufort scale
    • Effects of friction
    • Barometric pressure
    • Sources of weather forecasts
    • Gale warnings
    • General synopsis
    • Sea area forecast
    • International weather map systems
    • Tropical revolving storms
    • Understanding hurricanes
    • Tropical waves, depressions and storms
    • Navigable semicircle
    • Dangerous quadrant
    • Significant wave heights
    • Radio warnings