Koh Samui to Phuket Mile-builder, 15th to 30th of May 2019

When & where

We depart Koh Samui, 15th of May 2019

Best to arrive the day before if possible but Skipper can make adjustments in the actual time we leave the dock to facilitate individual itineraries.

Planned arrival in Phuket is approx 30th of May 2019

There is some flexibility in the actual arrival time and the Skipper can generally make changes to facilitate the Crew’s travel arrangements.

What yacht are we going on

The latest from Bavaria, the C45 2019, a brand new 45ft monohull, 4 cabin charter version. She’s beautiful and fast!

What’s the cost. 

For a single person and whole cabin: 40,000 Baht

Two people sharing a cabin; 55,000 Baht.


  • Cabins are allocated as bookings are confirmed.
  • Payment via our online payment gateway incurs a 4% additional cost.

To guarantee your spot on a yacht we require payment at the time of your booking.

What to do next:

Please do read the rest of this email and then fill out the email form at the bottom of the page.

Can my partner come or can I share a cabin with a friend:

Yes, but only if they have sailing experience acceptable to the Skipper and Island Spirit Charters.

What’s included:

The yacht, fuel and provisions provided for meals onboard, (no Alcohol). At port stops meals are planned ashore and at your own expense.

What’s not included:

Everything else. IE:

  • Transport to and from the yacht
  • Any onshore costs, accommodation and the like.
  • Any cost associated with delays

What’s it like, what should I expect? (Crew):

A delivery is unlike cruising or racing, the yacht needs to depart and arrive on schedule. In this case, we have allowed sufficient time for some overnight stops and a bit of cruising, the exact passage plan will be prepared by the Skipper and approved by Island Spirit Charters. Given the constraints it’s not always possible to sail all the time, generally, there is some motor sailing. It is also critical that we do not break the yachts during the delivery as they will be required to go out on charter very soon after their arrival at their destination, so you can, and we do, expect the Skipper to sail conservatively.

The Skipper will divide the crew in to watches, each group will be expected to stand their watch on a rotation basis, 2-4 hours on and some time off. It is common and sometimes necessary to sail for periods of 24 hours or more without stopping, the rotation continues throughout.

You should also expect to assist with provisioning and with some of the preparation work and boat checks before departing.

 What am I expected to have:

Crewing experience commensurate to your position on board.

Wet weather gear, a jacket will do.

Are the destination times guaranteed:

No, but it’s pretty important to us that the yacht arrives as scheduled.

What about cancellation:

  • If you pull out you lose your money.
  • If we cancel, you get your money back.

Book a cabin on this voyage now!

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  • Your full name
  • What course you did with us & when, or
  • Your ITY Ref. Number if you have it

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