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Getting to Island Spirit Sailing School Phuket Base

The Island Spirit Sailing School in Phuket is delivered within the Galileo Maritime Academy, located within walking distance of Yacht Haven Marina, Asia Pacific’s largest super-yacht marina.

The Galileo Maritime Academy facility is located at the northeastern end of Phuket Island and is some 40km away from the the main tourist areas and Phuket Town; it is just 10kms away from the airport. It is for this reason that we package the Phuket Sailing School program as “Full Board,” providing residence-style, shared twin room accommodation and food and beverage. That’s not to say we’re in the middle of nowhere, the Yacht Haven Marina offers an impressive and active restaurant and bar area with stunning views across Phang Nga bay.

From Overseas

There are two options, you can fly into one of two Bangkok International airports or you can fly directly in to Phuket International airport.

Phuket International (HKT)

There is an ever-growing list of Countries from which you can fly directly in to Phuket airport including Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. This is without doubt to most low stress way of getting to Phuket as the Phuket Airport is small and easy to travers.

The Airport itself is located approximately 20 minutes by taxi away from the the Galileo facility.

Bangkok Airports

Suvarnabhumi Airport

This is Thailands primary International Airport, so if you are flying into Bangkok and have the choice, this would be the one to choose however if you’re looking to take advantage of local budget airlines then ref below; Don Muang Airport. There are numerous ways to get from Bangkok to Phuket including by bus and train however, if time is of the essences there are several airlines running flights to Phuket including Thai Airways & Bangkok Airways, both offering hourly departures. The flight time is approximately 1.5 hours.

If you are considering Train or Bus you’ll need to allow for an overnight trip and a journey time of up to 24 hours.

Don Muang Airport

This is Thailands original airport, it now caters for many of the Budget Airlines so remains popular. Don Muang Airport is located on the opposite side of Bangkok compared to Suvarnabhumi Airport so in order to travel from Suvarnabhumi to Don Muang you will need to pass through Bangkok, which can take several hours. There is a shuttle bus service between the two airports.

Airlines flying between Don Muang & Phuket include Nok Air and Thai Air Asia and they offer several flights per day.


Accommodation for students is provided by the Galileo Maritime Academy. Galileo is a world class organization providing Maritime Training for the Super-Yacht, Merchant Shipping and Oil and Gas industries.

Accommodation at the Galileo facility is residence-style, it is not a full service hotel. Rooms are twin sharing, and 2 rooms share a a common bathroom. Breakfast is self-service, lunch and dinner are at set times with set menus. If students prefer to book their own food and accommodation, then that model is available at our Pattaya Sailing School location, but not in Phuket.

For more detailed information about the facility visit the Galileo website Here.

Yacht Haven Marina

Phuket Yacht Haven Marina is the largest super-yacht marina in the Asia Pacific. Its restaurant and bar area, know as the “Club House” formally “The Deck Restaurant” overlooking the exotic seascape of Phang Nga Bay, is a favourite hang-out for everyone from Cruising Yachts to Super-yacht Crew, its a great place to meet people working in the industry or sit and have a chat with Cruising Yachties taking a well earned break.

For more detailed information about the facility visit the Phuket Yacht Haven website Here.

Phuket Galileo Maritime Academy