Sailing School Fleet – Phuket

Learn on Both Catamarans and Keelboats

The type of yacht you first learn to sail on is more important than may you think, most students develop a certain
attachment to that yacht, or that type of yacht and in many cases this goes as far as influencing the yacht they end up chartering or purchasing.

The Island Spirit Sailing School in Phuket conducts its sailing courses on both a Keelboat and a Catamaran; each student has the opportunity to try out both, providing students with a broader experience base from which to develop their interests.

An important note on Yachts used for the school:

The Yachts listed below are our primary school yachts, however, at our base in Phuket we manage a Charter Fleet of over 25 yachts, from time to time we may choose to use other yachts in our fleet for the school if for some reason these yachts are not available. However we will always choose yachts that are appropriate and up-to-date.

Island Spirit 410 (2019)

The Island Spirit 410 is designed for charter in the tropics, its unique open aft deck area combines salon, galley and cockpit into one open airy space, creating a perfect area to sit and relax together, out of the sun yet still.

  • 4 double cabins
  • 2 heads, very large (toilet & shower)
  • Sloop rig
  • Twin helms stations
  • Twin Yanmar 3GM 20hp

Bavaria C45 (2018)

The latest from Bavaria, the C45, 2018 holiday package. Highlights include a light, airy comfy interior, large bathrooms,4 well ventilated double cabins and a very accommodating galley area. On deck, the cockpit is large and spacious and easy to walk around and a big drop-down swim platform that drops to the waterline.

  • 4 double cabins
  • Salon table converts to double
  • 3 heads (toilet & shower)
  • Sloop rig
  • Twin helms stations
  • Yanam 4JH 50 hp engine